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Gleason School Pick-Up Days
*Please make arrangements on the following days & times to pick-up your child’s report card, retrieve personal items and return classroom materials such as textbooks, library books, etc.  Please remain in your vehicle, and we will bring items to you.

May 18th 
K (10:00-11:00)
1st Grade (11:00-12:00)
2nd Grade (12:00-1:00)
(1:00-2:00) Make-up for anyone who could not make designated time.
*Will occur outside of kindergarten hall doors.

May 19th
6th Grade (10:00-11:00)
7th Grade (11:00-12:00)
8th Grade (12:00-1:00)
(1:00-2:00) Make-up for anyone who could not make designated time.
*Will occur outside of junior high end doors by back student parking lot.

May 20th
3rd Grade (10:00-11:00)
4th Grade (11:00-12:00)
5th Grade (12:00-1:00)
(1:00-2:00) Make-up for anyone who could not make designated time.
*Will occur outside of the back parking lot bus entrance.

May 21st 
9th Grade (10:00-11:00)
10th Grade (11:00-12:00)
11th Grade (12:00-1:00)
12th Grade (1:00-2:00)
*Will occur through the main front entrance of the school.

May 22nd
(10:00-2:00) Designated as a make-up day and for families with several children across multiple grade levels.
*Will occur through the main front entrance of the school.

If you plan to play a sport in 2020-2021, please read the following information!

*Due to school closure on March 16th, we were unable to meet with all student-athletes regarding new sports physicals.  We recently received new information from the TSSAA stating that all athletes for 2020-2021 will continue to have the requirement of a pre-participation physical.  We would like to thank the Gleason Clinic for their continued support of our school by offering this service free of charge!  You may also visit a healthcare provider of your choice to complete this process.  We have worked with the Gleason Clinic to secure the following dates and times for sports physical completion.  Please fill out all of the attached information in advance of your physical time, with the exception of the last two pages that will be completed by the physician.  (You will receive the paperwork during report card pick-ups, or may download from the links/forms section of our sports website, gleasonathletics.com.  Please fill in the grade you will be in next year and follow the appointment times by the grade you will be in next year.  If you are unable to make the scheduled time, please contact the Gleason Clinic at 648-5634 to make other arrangements.

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020 
12:30-1:30 Girls Grades 5-6
1:30-2:30 Girls Grades 7-8
2:30-3:30 Girls Grades 9-10
3:30-4:30 Girls Grades 11-12

Wednesday, June 10th, 2020
12:30-1:30 Boys Grades 5-6
1:30-2:30 Boys Grades 7-8
2:30-3:30 Boys Grades 9-10
3:30-4:30 Boys Grades 11-12

Per the statement issued by Gov. Bill Lee, Weakley Co. Schools and all extracurricular activities will remain closed through the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.  Please remember the following:

1. Student meals will be provided during the school closure.  Drive thru meals will be provided at the back bus entrance of the school between the hours of 11:00 A.M. and 1:00 P.M. on Tuesday's and Friday's until further notice.  During these pick-up times, meals will be provided to cover 2 meals per day, 7 days per week.

2. In addition to this website, please monitor www.weakleycountyschools.com for important updates on the Covid-19 closure.  You may also receive robo calls from the school level and county office.  Gleason School will also be making updates via our social media.

3. Gleason teachers will be in contact with parents during the closure.  Please communicate with them if you have a specific need or concern.

*We love our Gleason School family and are here to help!  More information will be posted as decisions are finalized.

closure announcement

Welcome to the Gleason School website!  Whether you are a current student, parent, community member, alumni or prospective member of the Gleason School family, we hope to provide you with all the information necessary to make your experience with our school the best. 

At Gleason, we feel very fortunate to be a PreK-12 school all on the same campus.  This setting allows interaction of activities between the different grades and provides for richer learning experiences with unlimited possibilities.  Gleason has a truly unique family atmosphere with a faculty and staff that is second to none and ready to follow a child’s educational needs from the first day through the door, all the way across the graduation stage. (For more information, click here.)

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