Family Reading Night Fun

Family Reading Night Fun!
Posted on 10/10/2019
Pre-K student, Brooks Legens, enjoys Family Reading Night with his family.

Gleason School’s


“Buddies, Not Bullies”


On the night of October 3rd, an eager and excited crowd of over 150 elementary students and their families gathered for a “Family Reading Night” event at Gleason School.  The annual event is sponsored by the Gleason School Library in an effort to increase parental involvement, and to encourage family reading by creating positive memories revolving around literacy.  In step with Gleason School’s Kindness Campaign, the theme for Family Reading Night this year was “Buddies, Not Bullies.”  Participants met in the gym—decorated with smiley face balloons--where they were welcomed by Principal Lee Lawrence, and then treated to a read-aloud of the book, The Invisible Boy, by Trudy Ludwig.  The story encourages kindness and empathy with the tale of Brian, a young boy who is lonely because he is often left out and ignored by his classmates.  The kindness of one student changes everything for Brian, and focuses the perspective of the reader, as well, to the benefits of a world of kindness.  Enlarged illustrations of the book were featured on a 75-inch Clear-Touch presentation board as the story was read aloud by school librarian, Amy Lawrence.  Families were then encouraged to move together about the gym to various book stations, where they chose books to read together as a family.  Every child who attended the Family Reading Night event received an anti-bullying bracelet to encourage kindness with slogans like:  “Take a Stand; Hold a Hand,”  “Help, Don’t Hurt,” and “Niceness is Priceless.”  In addition, 15 anti-bullying books and 10 smiley face balloons were given away to students who attended, determined by a random drawing.  During Family Reading Night, visitors were also delighted to meet Chewy the hamster, who attended the event in her hamster habitat.  Chewy has become a famous face at Gleason School in recent weeks since the school Library presented “Chewy’s Challenge” as a reading reward.  Classes that reach 500 A.R. points will be treated to a visit by Chewy the hamster in her clear, rolling ball.  500-Point classes also get to house the “Chewy’s Challenge Trophy” in their classroom.  The trophy is a large, cup-shaped trophy with a stuffed hamster resembling Chewy peeking out of the top of the trophy cup.  Since “Chewy’s Challenge” was unveiled, along with the “Popsicles with Poppy the Puppy Reading Reward” (for classes earning 1000 A.R. points), students have been storming the Gleason School Library for more, more, and more books!  Reading is a delightful adventure for students and their families at Gleason School.