Welcome to the Gleason School website!  Whether you are a current student, parent, community member, alumni or prospective member of the Gleason School family, we hope to provide you with all the information necessary to make your experience with our school the best. 

At Gleason, we feel very fortunate to be a PreK-12 school all on the same campus.  This setting allows interaction of activities between the different grades and provides for richer learning experiences with unlimited possibilities.  Gleason has a truly unique family atmosphere with a faculty and staff that is second to none and ready to follow a child’s educational needs from the first day through the door, all the way across the graduation stage.

Since our founding in 1906, the campus has undergone many social and physical changes.  Gleason’s first public school was housed in the Masonic Male & Female Institute and to this day remains the center of the community.  Showing perseverance through the Great Depression, a new school building was constructed in 1929.  Over the years since 1947, additional new constructions in 1982, 1997, and 2004 have kept Gleason School’s facilities ready and able to serve the ever-changing needs of our students and community.

Our mission is to provide an educational environment that allows opportunity for developing the full potential of all students, enabling them to assume their roles as positively contributing participants in a complex and changing world.  We work daily to achieve this mission by focusing on 7 core beliefs.

  1. A student’s education must prepare him/her to interpret information and understand facts, principles, and concepts for daily living in a technology-based society.

  2. In order for the student to become a lifelong learner, opportunities should be offered allowing him/her to develop personal, social, and communication skills that will enhance emotional and physical well-being.

  3. A student’s learning needs should be the primary focus of all decisions impacting the work of the school.

  4. Every student can learn when instruction provides levels of challenge, ensuring the success of each student.

  5. Our school must have highly qualified, effective teachers and administrators.

  6. Our school must provide adequate facilities for learning within a safe environment.

  7. The responsibility for the total education of the student is shared by the school, home, community, church and other civic organizations.

Recent News

“The Gleason Globetrotters”

Lily Shannon


Gleason has seen a few people with interesting stories, from rodeo stars to full-fledged academics but nothing quite like Katie and Lillie Freeman who, along with their parents Stacie and Mike Freeman, have traveled to over fifteen countries. In the first of this year’s many Q&A-style articles, we will explore with Katie Freeman the hows, whens, whys, and wheres of these Gleason Globetrotters.

Q: So, how many countries have you visited, and which ones were they?

“I have, so far, traveled to 18 different international destinations. They are Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, Canada, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Germany, Estonia, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Bahamas, and the Turks and Caicos.” -Katie Freeman

Q: Could you pick a favorite and explain why?

“It’s hard, but I think I would have to say Germany. There was so much beautiful architecture there and we visited Berlin, Germany, which is a city with a very rich history.”  -Katie Freeman

Q: How much of your traveling is learning? Do you ever take a mini history lesson on the places you go to?

“A good portion of our vacation is usually dedicated to learning about the country we’re in. My mom does not believe in just visiting a different country; we have to also learn that country.” -Katie Freeman

Q: What’s the most fun experience you’ve had abroad?

“I have done many fun activities in many different countries, but easily one of the most fun experiences of my life was tubing down a river in Costa Rica.” -Katie Freeman

Q: Do you know if you’ll be going to any other countries next summer? Before then?

“We almost definitely won’t be going anywhere before next summer, and we’re not completely sure about then either, but a good bet would probably be Costa Rica again.” -Katie Freeman

Q: Any advice for long flights?

“The best thing to do would probably be to try and sleep through it, but if you cannot do that, then make sure you have a few different activities to entertain yourself with. Having just one or two will probably get boring pretty fast, at least that’s been my experience.” -Katie Freeman

Q: Do you think your experiences were overall positive? Do you think that your experiences abroad and overseas have helped shape you and your viewpoints on certain topics?

“All of my trips abroad have been overwhelmingly positive. Yes, I believe that my experiences have made me a more open-minded person and  more aware of the the problems that the world is currently suffering.”

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