*Student ID badges need to worn at all times for students in grades 6-12.  You have done an excellent job with this on the first day!  

*The Juniors will be attending the Grow Program at UTM today. They will be departing at 7:55 and returning at approximately 1:50. 

*Junior High Beta t-shirt and poster meeting in Ms. Jessica’s room during break today.

*There will be a High School Beta meeting for students attending Convention on Wednesday, September 18th, during high school break, in the Library.

*Detention will be held in Coach Bennett’s classroom tomorrow afternoon from 3:00-4:00. A list of students needing to stay is listed on the announcement sheet. Please see Mrs. Monica if you have any questions.

*Junior High students will be signing up for homecoming activities Thursday morning during 1st period. 1st period teachers….please send your students after morning announcements to the following classrooms:
• 8th grade - Mrs. Amy's room
• 7th grade - Ms. Jessica's room
• 6th grade - Mr. Roney's room
They will remain in those classrooms until the bell rings.

*Science Club research plans and money are due to Coach Albert by Friday, September 20th.

*The CTE Fall Leadership Conference at UTM is Tuesday, September 24th. 

*The Juniors will be attending College Connection Day at UTM on Thursday, September 26th. They will be departing at 7:55 and returning at approximately 2:20. 

*The Seniors will be attending the College Fair at UTM on Friday, September 27th. They will be departing at 10:00 and returning at approximately 11:45.