Graduation Requirements:

            A student must earn a minimum of 22 credits to graduate.  The required ready-core curriculum must include the following:

English:  4 units

Mathematics:  4 units

  • Algebra I

  • Geometry

  • Algebra II

  • One upper-level math

Science:  3 units

  • Biology I

  • Chemistry I or Physics           

  • One additional lab science

Social Studies:  3 units

  • US History

  • 0.5Economics/0.5 Government

  • World History or World Geography

Lifetime Wellness:  1 unit

Physical Education:  0.5 units

Personal Finance:  0.5 units

Foreign Language:  2 units

Fine Arts:  1 unit

Elective Focus:  3 units


Dual Enrollment Possibilities:


            Dual enrollment is a postsecondary course taught at the postsecondary institution, high school, or online.  Dual enrollment offerings depend on the projected interest from students.  In order to participate in dual enrollment course work, a student must have outstanding school attendance, a GPA of at least a 3.0, and in some cases, an ACT score that meets postsecondary prerequisites and requirements.  


College English

College Algebra

Statistics and Probability


Public Speaking




ACT Information:


            The ACT measures your achievement in core academic areas that are important for success in college.  There are four multiple-choice tests:  English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science.  There is an optional Writing test.  The ACT is an achievement test that has been carefully designed using surveys of classroom teachers, reviews of curriculum guides for schools all over the country, as well as, advice from curriculum specialists and college faculty.  The ACT is offered nationally several times a year, between September and June.  If you desire more information regarding the ACT, please use the following information:

Gleason School CEEB Testing Code:  430-770


Scholarships/Financial Aid in Tennessee:



Free application for federal student aid


Tennessee Promise


Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation



Volunteer/Community Service:


Tennessee Scholars

            Tennessee Scholars is now a nonprofit organization with a mission of motivating students to take a more rigorous course of study and meet requirements of attendance, discipline, and 80 hours of volunteer service during their high school career.  For more information, see your high school guidance counselor or access to the following link:











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